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If you would like to contribute to Travelodium Travel Magazine the best way is by providing a This is my City post.

Providing a post is a great way to help travellers find some great things in your town that only locals might know about. This is another great way you can promote your town to …

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Top tourist attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain is a tiny island in the Persian Gulf,
located off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. It was perhaps the first Gulf State
to open its doors to tourism and expatriates. Originally Bahrain was dependent
on pearl and fishing trade due to the shallow waters that surround the shores,
until the 19th century when it came to life …

This is my City / This is my City - Europe

Things to do in Landskrona – Sweden

Landskrona is a small town in southern Sweden, home to many impactful historical figures, like the first female nobel laurate, Selma Lagerlof and events alike, with Landskrona even supposed to have become the country’s capital, hence the name (Landskrona=The Crown of the land).

In more recent history Landskrona is notoriously known for its divisive population, …

St Basils Cathedral Moscow
This is my City / This is my City - Europe

Things to do in Moscow – Russia

Moscow is not just the capital and the largest city of Russia. It’s also the country’s cultural center and the most popular tourist city along with St. Petersburg.

What do we know about Moscow? It never sleeps, it’s a city of bright nightlife, clubs and bars that open their doors every night, people walk along the …

Building in Buenos Aires
This is my City / This is my City - South America

Things to do in Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires is the most important city in
Argentina and one of the most beautiful in all of South America.

With a culture forged based on the union
between “gaucho customs” and the culture brought in later years by
Europermigrants, Buenos Aires ends up being a melting pot. A melting pot of
races that, however, takes beautiful qualities from many …

This is my City / This is my City - Australia

Things to do in Melbourne – Australia

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Then
consider adding the great city of Melbourne to your list of cities to visit.

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria.
It is a city full of diversity. The main language spoken in Melbourne is
English, but there is also well over one hundred different languages. Melbourne
is a very safe …

This is my City / This is my City - Europe

Things to do in Novi Sad – Serbia

People that travel to Serbia always visit Belgrade and don’t really pay attention to any other cities. The biggest regret they don’t even know they have during the travel is not visiting Novi Sad, a city of youth, nature and good people. In the following, you will learn many interesting stuff about Novi Sad.

Must do

When …

This is my City / This is my City - Europe

Things to do in Vratsa – Bulgaria

Vratsa is a small town in northwestern Bulgaria, filled with history and beautiful landscapes where you could go mountain hiking or just have chilled out walks around the centre of the city. The historical museum is not far from the big monument of Hristo Botev (One of the freedom fighters during the Ottoman’s occupation …

This is my City / This is my City - Asia

Things to do in New Delhi – India

Delhi, the capital city of India, is home
to about 19 million people. Along with being the political core of India, Delhi
is also the heart of all cultural activities, business and transportation. It
is one of the most visited cities in India and is a hot travel destination for
both Indians and foreigners.

Delhi has a rich cultural history …

Batayan Island Beach
This is my City - Asia / Travel Magazine

Things to do in Batayan Island – Philippines

Planning a trip to The Philippines? Why not? Come and explore Bantayan Island with me.

Beautiful Beaches on the outer islands

Today, I will be your guide for a tour of
Bantayan Island. We are taking off to the beautiful paradise of Bantayan.
Fasten your seatbelt and brace yourself, as I am bringing you the best tour
you’ll have …

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Travelodium Travel Magazine 6 October 2019

Hi Everyone,

After a long layoff of working back in an office I’m back writing on my travel website again despite not actually travelling as yet.

I have another 3 months to go in my job where I’ve been working as a Statistical Analyst.

Anyway I’ll be bringing back some of the same features of the old magazine …

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Tourist Invitation Letter for Russia

Back in the 80’s and 90’s travelling to the Soviet Union was an arduous process. Back then you needed to have an itinerary prepared in advance vetted by Intourist and each place you stayed need to be pre-booked and when you arrived you checked in to the hotel and the hotel checked you in with …

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Travelodium Partners

Travelodium thanks the following companies that partner us.

Some of our partnerships are affiliate relationships and others are advertising and without this income Travelodium could not exist and I thank them for the opportunity.

Thanks to all readers of our magazine and I hope you support the following companies. I only partner with companies that I …

beachfront durban
This is my City

Things to do in Durban – South Africa

Durban – a vibrant, cultural city in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It is a melting hot-pot of many different cultures, all coming together to create a city full of life, color and experiences.

Must Do

Durban is home to the Zulus, and to really appreciate Durban, you need to immerse yourself in Zulu culture. …

Scarborough Toronto
This is my City / This is my City - North America

Things to do in Scarborough Canada

Scarborough Ontario

Must Do’s

Welcome to Scarborough! This inner-city district of Toronto, Canada might have a reputation for a few harsh neighbourhoods here and there, but if you truly get to know this area of the fantastic, leading edge city which is Toronto, you’d be quite surprised. From top-notch restaurants to scenic walkways and amusing …

Bali pool
This is my City / This is my City - Asia

Things to do in Bali – Indonesia

Must do

Take the time to meet some locals. Visit
a Balinese Temple known as a Pura. Ancient Hindu temples are found in every
Village from the mountains to the coast. They feature centuries-old
architecture and a mystical atmosphere. Many temples provide the customary
sarong and sash for visitors and as they are often set against dramatic
landmarks they are great …

Rendezvous Hotel -Singapore
Travel Magazine

Rendezvous Hotel -Singapore

Rendezvous Hotel is located in the centre of Singapore just off the eastern end of Orchard Rd. The hotel is only a short walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station which makes it very convenient to get around the city if you don’t want to use taxis. You are able to travel to many places quicker …

boat on ocean
Tour Companies

Have an Adventure on the Water: Key West Boating

Key West boating is one of the many pleasures that visitors can enjoy while on vacation here in paradise. Choose rentals, charters, or bring your own. The marinas Key West can accommodate any Key West boating need. If you’re looking for Key West boat rentals, you can find that too, for almost any size and type …

bike in the city
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5 Safety Tips For City Biking

Biking is a fun and healthy way to stay fit and its one of the fastest ways to get around a busy city. Unfortunately, even the elite riders understand the risks of maneuvering their way around the sea of buses, cars, pedestrians and other bikers within an urban area. For starters, there are basic safety …

Castello Montaldo Tuscany
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Holiday in Tuscany – Castello Montalto

The Castle of Monalto is located east of Siena in an area known as La Berardenga in Chianti Tuscany.

Castello Monalto has a long history and there has been a castle on the site since the 6th century.

Montalto in Toscana overlooked an important medieval road that was a gateway to the Mediterranean Sea and was of …

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Picking Apples in Australia

Picking Apples in Australia is another big crop where you can  get work picking fruit.

Historically, Tasmania is the biggest apple growing state so much so its named the Apple Isle.

Despite this apples are grown in all states except Northern Territory.

In Queensland, the picking season starts in February in Stanhope one of the only areas of …

Barossa Valley
Travel Magazine

Grape Picking in Australia

Grape Picking in Australia is a big business and wine is one of the biggest agricultural products in the country.

There are many different regions that produce wine and at harvest they need a large casual workforce to pick the harvest.

When the harvest takes place is determined by the weather but I have provided an time …

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Best Railway Website on the Internet

Today I’d like to give you a bit of information about what I think is the best railway website on the internet.

The Man in Seat 61 covers the entire world of railways. I personally found this website very useful when I travelled through Vietnam by railway a few years back. The website gives a lot …

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The Australian Swag – A bit of a history lesson

If you’ve been in Australia for any length on time you would heard the word swag or a swagman.

Its a historical term because a swagman was an itinerant farm worker – these guys used to walk around to farms looking for work and swagmen were very common in the 1890’s recession in Australia although I …