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Top 10 Countries to visit in 2018

Travelling these days is a past time fraught with difficulties war, terrorist attacks and highly volatile financial situation makes you wonder, Why bother? But over the past few decades there has always been wars in Iraq, Central America, South America not to mention Russia imploding in the 90’s.

But in amongst the doom and gloom there …

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Furnishing your Airbnb room

So you’re thinking making some extra coin renting out your spare room. There’s plenty of things to think about and some expense before you start making some filthy lucre.

Your room must have furniture so what should you consider when you are buying furniture?  Choice of furniture can be sorted into two things, function or form.  Think what pieces …

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Travelodium Travel Magazine 27 July 2017

27 July 2017

What’s happening in my World

At the moment I’m not travelling so I’m in Adelaide working on the websites most days.

Best Flight Deals


Miami to Belize City with United Airlines selected days Sep/Oct  US$347


London Heathrow to Auckland with a stop in Beijing return with Air China some dates in Oct/Nov 540 GBP


Tokyo Narita to Montreal …