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Travelodium Monthly Results – Making Money from your Blog

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers putting their financial results on their blog. I guess it is a self reporting technique to put the onus on yourself to do everything you can to improve the financial position of the blog.

I’ve had this blog for 11 years now and despite having a lot of Social Media …

Doha Qatar
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Great deals to Europe with Qatar Airways

Since Qatar Airways has started flying to Adelaide I’ve been noticing some great deals when you fly to Europe with Qatar Airways from Adelaide.

There are a few benefits in flying Adelaide to Doha and onwards to Europe.

It is one of only 2 airlines that are flying direct from Adelaide to the Middle East so you …

The Circus Bath
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Discount Sightseeing in UK

After getting some really good feedback about my recent post Rail discounts in UK I thought I’d also mention another great way to save some money while travelling through the UK.

English Heritage Membership gets you unlimited access to over 400 historical properties and places through the UK.

This includes

84 Religious Sights/Churches

66 x Castles

58 x Prehistoric Sights

53 …

Greek Island church
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Travelling through Europe with Interrail

Many years ago when I first travelled through Europe my plan was to travel down to Greece spend a few months in the islands and then spend a couple months travelling through Central Europe checking out the sights.

I bought a Eurail card so I had unlimited rail for the 3 months travelling through Europe however …

Tower Bridge London
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Aussie Backpackers in London – Rail Discounts

Rail Discounts in the UK and Europe

Hi There Aussie Backpackers in London  – I remember backpacking in London they were some of the best and worst days of my life.

As much as it’s a great thing and a great place to live London is fucking expensive.

I’ve found a couple rail discounts in the UK and …

Charles Bridge Prague
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Nightlife in Prague – what to do at night

Many, many years ago on my first around the world trip I arrived in Prague. Back then it was a very different place.

Prague had been suffering from 40 years of state sponsored neglect, beautiful old building that had survived World War 2 were run down due to the lack of time and money spent on …

mykonos wedding
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Wedding in a villa in Mykonos

Picking a wedding spot must be one of the most difficult choices a couple has to make. The place has to benefit from a nice location and enjoy a scenic setting. The place has to be big enough to house all the party: all the friends, the distant and first-degree relatives, the friends of the …