Tourist Invitation Letter for Russia

Back in the 80’s and 90’s travelling to the Soviet Union was an arduous process. Back then you needed to have an itinerary prepared in advance vetted by Intourist and each place you stayed need to be pre-booked and when you arrived you checked in to the hotel and the hotel checked you in with …


Travelodium Partners

Travelodium thanks the following companies that partner us.

Some of our partnerships are affiliate relationships and others are advertising and without this income Travelodium could not exist and I thank them for the opportunity.

Thanks to all readers of our magazine and I hope you support the following companies. I only partner with companies that I …


5 Safety Tips For City Biking

Biking is a fun and healthy way to stay fit and its one of the fastest ways to get around a busy city. Unfortunately, even the elite riders understand the risks of maneuvering their way around the sea of buses, cars, pedestrians and other bikers within an urban area. For starters, there are basic safety …

Beach in the Pacific
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Travelodium Travel Magazine 25 September 2017

25 September 2017

What’s happening in my World

At the moment I’m not travelling so I’m in Adelaide working on the websites most days.

Best Flight Deals


San Francisco to Washington DC with American Airlines selected days US$99.


London Heathrow to Chiang Mai return with Air China valid late Nov – Dec 2017  from GBP 328


Singapore to Chennai return with …


Scheduling social media posts

One thing I have come realise very quickly since becoming a full-time blogger is how much time can be consumed with social media.

I am being very pro-active about increasing the size of my Social Media accounts and you can easily spend large amounts of time on Social media when you should be creating content not …


Buy vs. Rent: What’s The Best Way To Drive Australia?

If you’re heading down to Australia, you might have a road trip already planned…..if you don’t you definitely should! There’s over 817,000 kilometers of roads in the country.

If you planned a trip from Sydney (in the south-east) to Perth (Western Australia), it would take you nearly two whole days to drive there.

In other words, Australia …

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Having a great stag party in Prague

There are a number of reasons why having a stag party in Prague is a great idea and they are not all you think.

Firstly, everyone will tell you that Eastern Europe generally has a lot of things going for it rather than going to London for a legs up big night on the town.  You …

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Save money sightseeing in Paris

Visiting Paris soon? One way that travellers can save money is by pre-purchasing a Paris Pass.

The Paris Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 60 sights and tourist attractions in Paris.

Customers simply pay the once off price for the Paris Pass of their choice (there are three durations to choose …