A day in Kakadu National Park


Kakadu National Park lies about a 2 hour drive south east of Darwin. The park is about the size of Slovenia but during the wet season (when I was there) access to the park is restricted due to flooding.

The park contains a large amount of Aboriginal Rock Art and a habitat for a large amount of bird life and crocodiles.

The beginning of the day trip I first went to Adelaide River and did a short cruise to see some crocodile and there were plenty to see.

On the tour boat they tempt them with a free lunch of chicken and as you can see the crocodiles are happy to perform for a free feed.

crocodile in adelaide river

As we moved further on there was a lot of bird life on show.

kakadu national park

kingfisher in kakadu national park

kingfisher in kakadu national park

After the cruise we continued by car into the park and were able to find an area where there were aboriginal rock paintings

rock paintings

aboriginal stone paintings

Also saw some more birds. This sulphur crested cockatoo would just not let me get a good shot.

sulphur crested cockatoo

And also some impressive views.

Kakadu National Park

I quite like Kakadu National Park in the wet season but you are limited by what you can do by the flooding.

Kakadu National Park

And then we readied ourselves for the 2 hour drive home and prepare to go to Litchfield National Park.

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  1. Amazingly captured birds! I really loved the way you have done your site!!

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