Backpacker work in Australia – Employer List

Backpacker work in Australia

Vineyard in the Barossa Valley

I have compiled this list of employers in rural Australia and telephone numbers in industries that maybe interested in having backpackers working for them.

I have not contacted these employers and businesses so you will be calling them without them having any reference to why you are calling.

In this ebook I have collated phone numbers of over 1000 employers that are in industries that employ people in rural Australia for seasonal work. I will be consistently adding to the list over time to provide you with best opportunities I can to find you with some great jobs.

There is also information about visas, tax and bank account information if you are planning your gap year trip to Australia. This information is for background information only and I have links to Australian Government websites as this information may change at any stage.

All information is supplied as information only and phone numbers and business information may change at any stage.

All information provided is available in public forums and does not infringe any privacy rights.

The types of businesses that you will find include

  • Fruit Growers
  • Farmers
  • Grain Storage Facilities
  • Horse Studs
  • Cattle Stations
  • Wineries

Here is a state by state breakdown of the list

New South Wales – 308 employers

Victoria – 192 employers

Queensland – 209 employers

Tasmania -48 employers

South Australia – 346 employers

Western Australia – 40 employers

Northern Territory – 140 employers

Good Luck