Scheduling social media posts

One thing I have come realise very quickly since becoming a full-time blogger is how much time can be consumed with social media.

I am being very pro-active about increasing the size of my Social Media accounts and you can easily spend large amounts of time on Social media when you should be creating content not attempting to disseminate it.

One tool that I’ve found very useful is Viraltag. There are quite a few social media schedulers on the market the one are where I find Viraltag surpasses the others is scheduling Pinterest.

A large part of my Social Media strategy is based around Pinterest and Viraltag gives me great flexibility in scheduling posts to the boards that I want each post to go to. You can schedule to multiple boards as well which is very useful. For instance I have a group of boards called Food so I grouped a few of my own boards plus a couple boards that I have the right to post on which are all Food related boards and when I post a new food related Pin I add it to all of those boards at once.

Another feature I love is the ability to choose which Pins that I would like to continually post and the amount of days break that I post them. So the main Pins from my best landing pages are scheduled to Pin every 3 days whether I get the opportunity schedule the Pins or not.

This is great because if I’m travelling or if I have too much other work to do I know that Viraltag is working for me in the background bringing potential customers to my website from my Social Media accounts.

Also I find Viraltag very easy to use so the amount of time it takes to schedule your posts is less and to make things even quicker you can re-schedule old posts.

As well as Pinterest I use Viraltag to schedule Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter it’s that versatile.

This is the main page of Viraltag you can see that the layout is easy to use for scheduling your posts

There is a page that is devoted to your posting schedule so you can see what is about to come online at any time you want, it sets out the posts in order so its easy to see what will be landing on your social media accounts each day.

This is the layout when you scheule a new post across the top is the platforms that you are posting to and below is the actual post. It shows the image which you can either download from your hard drive or the web and then you can insert your text. It’s easy.

A new feature to Viraltag is Circles which is a community of like minded bloggers who can collaborate by exchanging posts to deliver to their readers. This is great way to grow your own audience.

I’d thoroughly recommend any blogger trialing the product and I think you’ll be surprised how good it is.

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