Things to do in Haifa Israel

Must do.

By far, the main attraction in Haifa is the Baha`i Shrine and terrace garden located on the Mount Carmel’s slope. It is definitely recommended to see both. The access to the top and bottom terraces of the garden is easy but in order to see more you need to book a free tour.

What do you like best about your city?

Despite being the third largest population centre in Israel and a large industrial centre where you can find such giants like Intel and Microsoft, the passing of time hasn’t completely changed Haifa. The city retains its calm which allows the inhabitants to enjoy a good living without the crazy rush of a modern city.

Best Walk.

I’m divided here. If you are into sightseeing then there’s Yaffe Nof street in the upper part of town which gives a nice view on the Baha`i garden and the downtown city. The street name is translated as – beautiful view, so the view is definitely there. Dan Panorama hotel, located on that street offers a panoramic view and it’s worth having a look once you are near. On the other hand, if you are into calm sea breeze then it’s the waterfront promenade and one of its numerous cafes and restaurants.

Best Restaurants.

The cool thing about Haifa, you won’t go hungry there. No matter where you are and what hour is it there’s a place open offering the basic Israeli menu of shawarma or falafel. From the establishments higher in class offering very good food while not breaking a bank account I’d like to note two. – Cowboys Steakhouse located next to a large shopping mall on the southern city entrance. A very interesting looking place and as the name suggests there’s no lack of meat in there. The other one – Yotveta in Town is a large dairy restaurant located at one end of the waterfront promenade. Looking at the menu there one could be in for a tough choice because of the large variety of dairy food on offer.

Best Music/Festival.

The International Haifa film festival taking place during the end of September ? early October.

Best Nightlife.

Well, that depends I’d say Irish House, an Irish pub with good beer and often live music.

Best Day Trip Out of the City.

Israel is a small country packed with things to see so there is a great choice of options. If you are into things unusual I’d recommend Beith Shaarim in Tivon. This is a very ancient cemetery labyrinth right in the heart of a limestone mountain.

Something that not many tourists would know about.

You can easily get from the waterfront promenade up the mountain by a cable car while enjoying a good view. The bottom station is located in the Yotveta in Town building.

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