Trying to deal with Vietnam rip-offs

Now that I’ve been here a few weeks started to try and get a few things done to make day to day life a little easier.

So my task for the day was to sort out local SIM and to try and get my mobile fixed – I smashed the screen 3 days before I left Australia.

So a week or so ago I’ve tried to get the screen fixed at an electrical repairs shop – they had fixed another of my mobiles a year ago¬† but alas he can’t fix LCD screens.

So I ask another person I met and got the name of a mobile phone shop which I walked to yesterday.

Walk in and I say “I’ve broken my mobile phone screen do you do repairs there.” Now anyone who’s worked in the mobile phone industry selling, will know that they have got you by the balls when a customers says this and in their mind they are working out the commission that they are going to get after this first line.

And he didn’t disappoint “no, no repairs what sort of new phone do you want”

Well I had a spare phone so that game wasn’t going to be played.

I sigh do you have SIM cards? – he quotes me a ridiculous figure and says “SIM Card only no credit” . I sigh again starting to get pretty pissed off. Do you have SIM for Data Only? – “No”.

That’s it! I’m out of there, already I’m finding simple day to day tasks turn into tedious long drawn out affairs just to try and prevent being ripped off. It’s the only thing here I dislike.

So that was that for another day no SIM card and a still broken phone and an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

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